The challenge of creating and preserving a legacy has never been greater.  The paradigm has shifted and the investment environment is changing, creating obstacles and challenges never before experienced by prior generations.  As the landscape changes, opportunities are created…  Opportunities to navigate the course in ways previously unimaginable.

Beyond the realities of a more difficult environment for investors moving forward, we are also faced with a myriad of structural challenges and reform.  These obstacles add to the already increasingly difficult task of planning for, building, maintaining and ultimately distributing wealth.

For more than four decades, Legacy Planning & Associates has prided itself on providing superior counsel to assist clients with the creation and preservation of a personal Legacy.  Moving forward we recognize that in order to continue with these efforts, we must provide modern day investment solutions for real world problems; coupling our strong tradition of planning, with an additional layer of financial oversight and asset management.

The Legacy Portfolios and our collective approach to asset management reflect a higher degree of diversification than traditional measures.  Our Triple Crown approach to asset management incorporates a blend of low cost Traditional, Opportunistic, and Tactical methods.  By integrating these three unique and stylistically different approaches to investing together, investors are provided with three central components of an overarching portfolio that at times may possess very low correlations to each other.  The inherent nature of these three approaches to outperform with varying degrees throughout the course of a complete market cycle provides investors with a more balanced and less volatile approach to long term investing.